About us

About us

We are a team that creates bonds to achieve a profound transformation in our society through reading, writing, book culture, creativity, human development, love and spirituality. For five years we have served vulnerable communities in Quintana Roo and Yucatan.


Generate a culture of reading in the country.

Strengthen cultural identity through the arts.

Promote the development of creative, human and intellectual capacities.


We are a consolidated Foundation in the Yucatan Peninsula. We work from the delivery of books, the promotion of culture, art workshops, educational support and the creation of community libraries, which are the fundamental part of our programs; This is how we can reach the country's children and adolescents, and help them live in a more dignified way. The design and implementation of our actions consider as transversal axes: The preservation of the Mayan language, traditions and culture; and inclusion, from a gender perspective.


Service: We work together to improve our reality and that of our environment.

Love: We wish the good for our fellow men

Sensibility: We are empathetic to the circumstances of our brothers

Respect: Communities are worthy of good treatment

Liberty: We all have the right to choose our future and to express ourselves responsibly and consciously

Honesty: We base our relationships on trust and truth

Learning: We seek to provide the tools to strengthen community ties

Modesty: Treating others as equals

Gratitude: We recognize everyone's work


Create community libraries.

Facilitate workshops that promote the comprehensive development of children and adolescents.

Developing professional skills through the arts in communities.

Donate books to each girl, boy and adolescent who attend our training programs.

Promote reading and provide school support.

Inspire girls, boys and adolescents to develop their intellect and achieve their goals


We were born on September 26, 2017 with the dream of inventing loving scenes and spaces where knowledge and creativity are available to everyone. We were concerned to know that many girls, boys and young people did not have access to books, as well as to a conscious education. In Mexico, education is only for a few and you can only have quality education if you have the money to access it.

We want knowledge and quality education to reach everyone and to the most remote places so that the new generations have the emotional, self-esteem, knowledge and economic tools where we can live a world of equality, spirituality , conscience and love. Working with the heart is what motivates us.

Board of Directors

Beatriz López
Ixchel López
David Tah


Tanya Landeros
Founding Director
Karla Monsivais
Coordinator of Programs in Quintana Roo and of Art in the Ayari Community Library and of the Artistic Volunteering.
Antonella Biscotti
Editor and Coordinator of Workshops in Yucatan
Patricia Canul
Activities Coordinator of the San Silverio and Hondzonot Communities
Mario Boeta
Webmaster and Technological Solutions


Martín Puc
Francisco Arias
Nicolas Gerardi
Faviola Canché
Loida May
Liliana Tuyub